General Terms and Conditions

We are Industrieel Klimmen, and we provide peace of mind when working and rescuing at heights.

Our work consists of selling and renting fall protection equipment, inspecting these means, and providing various trainings for working and rescuing at heights. We do this from two locations. We have a physical store and a webshop. Inspections are carried out either at our premises or at the client’s location. Trainings are mainly given in our own training hall and sometimes on location. Occasionally, we visit to install the products we sell, in which case we also provide installation services.

These General Terms and Conditions provide clarity about the rights and obligations that we have collectively. Where provisions are intended only for the Business Party, or specifically for the Consumer not acting in a professional or business capacity, this will be indicated. In all cases where this is not mentioned, the Conditions apply to both parties, unless mandatory legal rules oppose thi