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17 maart 2023
- Service & Logistiek

ISC Ultralink Recall

Op 13 maart 2023 heeft ISC alle modellen van hun UltraLink teruggeroepen. Bij Industrieel Klimmen hebben we dit artikel nooit verkocht maar mocht je in bezit zijn van een of meer van de modellen lees dan het bericht goed door.

Update April 2023:

April 24th 2023

We have finalised our new UltraLink design and will begin shipping out exchanges on April 25th 2023.

We have made a couple of key changes to the design of the UltraLink to address the concerns of accidental opening. We have added a collar to protect the Safelock button from branches and rope. We have also increased the spring tension in the Safelock button, which now requires very deliberate action to operate.


Vind alle informatie en updates op deze pagina https://www.iscwales.com/News/Product-Notices/UltraLink-Notice/

We have received feedback from users who have discovered scenarios where the unlock button can be unintentionally depressed and the device inadvertently opened during use. With this initial feedback, we are recalling both UltraLink models (LK100/LK101), in the interest of user safety.

Whilst there have been no reports of accidents or injuries, we actively respond to customer product feedback with all diligence, in order to increase the safety of our products and end users.

This recall applies to all units in circulation from the 28th of February 2023 through the 13th of March 2023. Batch numbers include: LK100: 168276, 168153, 166671, 167961 LK101: 167962, 166675, 168231, 168155, 168277. Stop using any of the aforementioned items immediately and remove them from service.